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Re-visiting ‘Jobs To Be Done’

“You have to understand, so what are all the experiences? And I can’t provide experiences unless I understand what the fundamental job is”

Clayton Christensen

This mindmap pays tribute to ‘disruptive innovation’ guru Clayton Christensen, who passed away a week ago today. Some of his original theories are over twenty years old now, but looking at ‘Jobs To Be Done’ in given scenarios remains a practical and thought-provoking framework for analysis. Used properly, it helps us challenge our assumptions about what people are doing when they’re interacting with products and services we create. Ideally, this leads us to create improved, more relevant ones!

I haven’t read nearly enough of his work, but I really enjoyed this short Harvard Business Review Ideacast from 2016, recently re-shared by HBR. The podcast is an interview with Christensen about ‘Jobs To Be Done’ and why it is such an important lens for innovation.

Mindmap by @LucyBlakemore

As always, interpretation of key messages is my own – please do listen to the original podcast to hear the very human and entertaining master of disruptive innovation himself.