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What's in a mind map?

The construction process:

  • Creates branches, hierarchies and visuals to identify and highlight key points
  • Demands intense concentration, reflection, and on-the-fly analysis
  • Encourages creativity and expansive thinking, but also discipline and prioritisation

The mapped outputs:

  • Create a connected picture of information and ideas that invites you back to explore, review and iterate
  • Grab attention and spark conversation – don’t let your ideas get lost in boring walls of text! 
"Lucy listened, questioned and prompted for information at the right times during our strategic planning session, surfacing our intentions and creating a visual map of priorities and objectives. Using this as a focal point, we were able to shape a framework for action across two new projects"​

How do we put mind maps to work?

Map my brain

Know what you want but can’t identify priorities or articulate what you need? Guided prompts and questions will help us map it out, extract knowledge and show your thinking visually.

Map our team

Strategic workshops and multi-functional meetings can go off-track in a sea of post-it notes, anecdotes and agenda items. Mapping as we go, we’ll focus on core objectives and innovate from there.

Map an event

Visual note-taking lifts webinars and workshops to the next level, extending discussion on key topics. We use maps as visual hooks to engage participants well beyond the event itself.

"It was a pleasure to work with you. It was so good to see you pick up on the vision of the session, then turn it into a reality of the mind map to capture the content that was being discussed."
[Global professional development webinar, capturing insights from industry leaders]

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