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Making of a Mindmap, in 90 seconds

I was challenged recently to capture the process of mind mapping as it happened. With a couple of webinars in my calendar on the same day, I had a ‘fail fast, have another go’ opportunity!

The recording below is from a webinar hosted by RMIT University and Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, featuring Professor Claire Macken (RMIT), Indumathi V (Engineering Institute of Technology) and Tom Whitford (University of Melbourne). You can read more about the 6-part webinar series here.

To create the video, I used:

📱 My iPhone for recording
📷 Camera tripod, bent at 90 degrees on the table
📝 ‘Remarkable’ digital paper (for drawing the map)
🎬 iMovie on my phone and laptop for edits
🎶 Pixabay for free music

The basic set-up looked something like this:

Webinar, camera tripod, digital paper, iPhone – and a box to stop the tripod tipping over!

I must have drawn thousands of mindmaps in the last 20 years or so. Adding a recording device, however, gave me a few more things to think about:

😬 I get nervous when I’m being recorded
🗺 Mindmapping helps with non-linear thinking
🤓 Well-structured speakers are easier to map ‘cleanly’
✍🏼 I hold my pen really weirdly

After all that, here’s how the map and the recording turned out!

I use visual note-taking and mind mapping a lot. It’s mostly for myself, to assist clients with thinking processes in workshops and meetings, and occasionally on commission for events (face to face and online). If you’re tackling some complex themes or need help unpicking a pile of strategic fuzziness, get in touch for a chat and we’ll see if I can help!