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‘Futuring Friday’: agile research, creativity and life after Covid

“Regression is good preparation for progression”

Sami Wong, speaking at the Festival of NewMR

The Festival of #NewMR is an annual series of webinars presented by insights professionals from around the world. It’s free to attend (but please consider supporting), and has been running now for a decade.

The mindmaps below are my live notes listening to the panel in today’s ‘Futuring Friday’ APAC session. For a more accurate read, visit the NewMR website to watch the original recordings if you can. You can also get involved in the conversation via #NewMR on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Map 1: Focusing on the Human
Peter Harris, Potentiate, Australia

Map 2: Machines and Creativity
Geoff Lowe, Infotools, New Zealand

Map 3: From Depth to Reality
Tomoko Yoshida, Freelance Moderator, Japan

Map 4: What is Agile Market Research?
Ray Poynter, NewMR, UK

Map 5: And after the Virus?
Sami Wong, concept m research + consulting GmbH, China

Following Sami Wong’s 3-minute presentation ‘And after the Virus‘ (touching on the response in Chinese society), there was a natural segue to the global impact of Covid-19 on our work and lives. As Ray Poynter noted, everybody is flying blind right now, and no business leader alive has dealt with anything like this before! We need to listen more carefully than ever to understand what will change, and what is likely to stay the same afterwards.