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Five maps on women, reporting, innovation, surveys and 5G

The Festival of #NewMR is an annual series of webinars presented by insights professionals from around the world. It’s free to attend (but please consider supporting), and has been running now for a decade. In the early days, I remember it was a 24-hour marathon, covering 3 major timezones and not much sleep (I assume!) for hosts Ray Poynter and Sue York. These days it runs over five days, with plenty of opportunities to jump in or view recordings later.

The mindmaps below are my live notes from five short presentations today. The presentations were delivered via webinar in the ‘Asia Pacific in Focus’ Wednesday session. For a more accurate read, visit the NewMR website to watch the original recordings if you can. My notes are very much my own, created on the fly, and certainly don’t capture everything!

Map 1: What Women Want (Hint: It’s Not Hello Kitty)
Charlotte Wilkinson, Founder Hello Sister, Singapore

Map 2: The future of research reporting – A client-side perspective
Emma Gillingham, Consumer Insights Manager, Meat & Livestock Australia

Map 3: Memories of the Future: Foresight Driven Innovation
Manisha Dikshit, Founder at Consumer Faces, Singapore

Map 4: Is this the death of customer satisfaction surveys for Government?
James Wunsch, Director of Social & Government, Faster Horses, Australia

Map 5: 5G: The Research Dream Scenario
Navin Williams, CEO MobileMeasure, China

The Festival of NewMR continues on Thursday and Friday this week. Tune in, from wherever you are!